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   Jun 07

Join Us For Forum On Privatization & The Infrastructure Trust – June 23

Saturday, June 23rd, starting at 1:00 PM, at SEIU 300 S. Ashland Avenue, Chicago Various civic organizations from across the city have united and pledged to watch closely any attempt of Mayor Rahm Emanuel to use of the Investment Trust for making infrastructure improvements. The controversial amendment passed the City Council in April. Members of [...]

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   Dec 13

Senate Joins House in Giving Our Money To The 1%

The Illinois Senate join the Illinois House in selling out the taxpayers today by approving the billion-dollar give-away to the 1%. Read the story here. CALL GOVERNOR QUINN’S OFFICE @ 312-814-2121 OR 217-782-0244 – EMAIL HIS OFFICE @ Here are the State Senators who voted to throw a billion dollars to the 1% over the [...]

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   Dec 12

Roll Call of Shame – They Backed The 1% Against YOU

Today the Illinois State House voted to give the billionaires at the Chicago Board of Trade and the money- hemoraging Sears Corporation and a few other greedy corporations a total of $218 million a year in tax breaks. Read the story. Here is the Roll Call of Shame. If your state rep’s name in on [...]

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   Nov 05

Evanston Forum on Privatization

EVANSTON NEIGHBORS FOR PEACE presented “Connecting the Dots-Privatization is the Symptom, Not the Cure” on November 12, 2011. here is Tom’s presentation with audio (about 20 minutes): Privatization is the Symptom, Not the Cure View another webinar from Thomas Tresser

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   Oct 07

The Illinois Privatization Story

Watch this 11 minute video to get the basics on the upcoming threats of privatization in Illinois. From Chicago IndyMedia. Sign the online petition – “Say NO! to privatization!” Read the story at

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   Oct 03

Are We About To Loose the Postal Service

From David Morris, co-founder and vice president of Minneapolis-based Institute for Local Self Reliance, writing for In the next few days we may decide the future of the Post Office. The signs are not auspicious. President Obama has agreed to a plan to cut Saturday delivery. The Post Service’s management wants to close 2500 [...]

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   Oct 02

Privatization Beast Is Hungry – Wants Your Public Library!

From the folks at – fighting the take over of public libraries in California. Yes – the Privatizers have their greedy eyes on our public libraries!

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   Sep 26

Rally To Stop the Closing of Our Post Offices

Rally to Save Our Post Offices The P.O.S.T. Coalition will be holding major Mass Rally to save our post offices! Tuesday September 27, 2011 4:30-6:00 pm Thompson Center (Randolph and Clark), Chicago SAVE YOUR POST OFFICE! 14 post offices on Chicago’s West and South Sides are being threatened with closure. Show your support at a [...]

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   Sep 16

Now They Want To Privatize The Postal Service

How about paying FedEx rates for Post Office services? How about having to go to Wal-Mart to buy stamps? That’s where we are heading. The Congress has so encumbered the Postal Service that it’s been set up to fail and then to sell. Stop the privatization of our public services. Find out more at [...]

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   Aug 24

Public Beware – The Privatizers Are Coming!

Sign up to become a Public Defender!

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