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   Dec 13

Senate Joins House in Giving Our Money To The 1%

The Illinois Senate join the Illinois House in selling out the taxpayers today by approving the billion-dollar give-away to the 1%. Read the story here. CALL GOVERNOR QUINN’S OFFICE @ 312-814-2121 OR 217-782-0244 – EMAIL HIS OFFICE @ Here are the State Senators who voted to throw a billion dollars to the 1% over the [...]

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   Dec 12

Roll Call of Shame – They Backed The 1% Against YOU

Today the Illinois State House voted to give the billionaires at the Chicago Board of Trade and the money- hemoraging Sears Corporation and a few other greedy corporations a total of $218 million a year in tax breaks. Read the story. Here is the Roll Call of Shame. If your state rep’s name in on [...]

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   Oct 07

The Illinois Privatization Story

Watch this 11 minute video to get the basics on the upcoming threats of privatization in Illinois. From Chicago IndyMedia. Sign the online petition – “Say NO! to privatization!” Read the story at

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   Sep 22

The House never Looses – Gambling Industry Pimps Illinois Legislators

While not strictly related to protecting the public space or public services, we wanted to point out that, in  Illinois, money talks and bad policy rules. In this case the gambling industry is doing the talking by showering our legislators with over $9 MILLION in campaign contributions over the past 8 1/2 years, according to [...]

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   Sep 19

Mr. Mayor, We Know How To Close The Deficit…

The annual reports f0r Chicago Tax increment Finance Districts are out.In order to find out how much they cost the taxpayers, one would have download all the PDF reports, open them up one by one and drop numbers into a spreadsheet. That’s what our intrepid volunteer researcher, Trevor Clarke did. The results are outrageous. There [...]

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